911 manypeople

911 manypeople is a medical assistance community, where people with the same diseases can communicate and give support to each other. The website will show how to give first aid in case of emergency and you can always get professional medical advice if necessary, as well as find information about the nearest pharmacies with the necessary medicines.

But the main advantage of the website is SOS button, which sends emergency sms to the specified numbers after you press on it.

FORFORCE team fully developed the community concept. Work on this project included the creation of logo and corporate identity, design and programming, as well as technical support.

Website screenshots
Photos and design elements
Mike Podgorniy
Lydia Trotsyuk
Project Manager
Artyom Makeyev
Backend Developer
Sergey Skulinets
QA engineers
Yuliya Zhaboyedova
Andrey Khoroshko
Production Director
Artyom Makeyev
Lydia Trotsyuk
Denis Andreev
Lev Khramtsov
Frontend Developer
Artem Isakov
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