In 2011 our team developed an online store for PARPARA from scratch. Read more about the project here.

Now our task was to update the website and transfer all the functionality to a new engine. We recommended the client CMS Prestashop, which is one of the best universal platforms for e-commerce. We also redesigned the homepage and checkout page.

Project archive
Website screenshots
Photos and design elements
Mike Podgorniy
Production Director
Arthur Povorin
Support Manager
Alexandr Fukalov
Dmitry Savchenko
Frontend Developers
Sergey Oleynikov
Dmitry Petruk
Chief technical officer
Arthur Povorin
Project Managers
Arthur Povorin
Dmitriy Kostrub
Lev Khramtsov
Backend Developers
Sergii Raliuk
Vladimir Stepanov
QA engineers
Ekaterina Tereshchenok
Andrey Khoroshko